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Moving to Northern Virginia

By editor

October 28, 2015

Northern VirginiaMoving to Northern Virginia

Each time I embark on a move there is a type of zen mode I slip into, I like to think of it as my super power. (You’re right it’s kind of a lame one).  And nowhere did I need that zen then when I moved to Northern Virginia.

Originally, I was thinking I may just call this tips for moving to Washington, DC, and include Northern Virginia, (NOVA, is what the locals call it, so you can blend in of course), in the bunch but this area is wholly unique in every way it can be. Northern Virginia is saturated with high-energy ladder climbers, company conglomerates, government workers and all sorts of important transients. Northern Virginia moves have become a bit of a science and having moved to and within the area, let me give you some tips.


Moving to Northern Virginia – schedule your move-in time mid- afternoon

Northern Virginia traffic will make you feel anger you never thought possible. A 10-mile commute will take you an hour and to predict the time you will be at any location is a science based on weather, distance, wind direction, government events and the status of the Cherry Blossoms. Regardless, if you are working with a moving company or renting a truck and doing it yourself- the aim is always to have as little time on the clock as possible. While there is never any predictability about traffic there is from 2-4:00 PM an assured lull in traffic between lunch and quitting time. This will save everyone a lot of headache and money.


 Rent your storage containers outside of town

There’s a reason that people consider this area of the country to be the most expensive, because it is. The price tag for a storage unit in the Northern Virginia area will run you 3x more than the same unit half an hour away in Central Virginia. If it’s in storage I think we can go ahead and assume that you won’t need it to be at the tip of your fingers.


 Check out a Northern Virginia moving company’s references 

Okay, this seems like a pretty obvious one- but keep with me.  As I mentioned the government and many large corporations have main offices in the area that attract a lot of employee movement. If you are moving for a job with a new company make sure you ask your employer if there is a relocation service they use. More often then not you can get special rate discounts. If that’s not the case you can also find the listing of companies or government agencies that utilize a particular company as a good indicator for their quality of service.


Northern Virginia is a tough place to live, and you have my full respect and admiration for your move there. It’s a fast paced environment and moving will require a good amount of planning, make sure you do as much research as possible. Do not be afraid to use your existing connections in the area and above all, keep a cool composure.

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Moving Vehicles

By editor

September 17, 2015

Moving Vehicles

Moving Vehicles

Moving Options: Vehicles to Use

There are so many ways to go about moving. You can do it yourself, hire a company to do everything for you, rent a truck, rent a van, rent a storage unit, etc. With so many options, choosing the right one for your move can be confusing.


Take a few minutes to scroll through the moving options listed below and see which one fits your moving needs!


Moving Vehicles

DIY Move.

DIY, or do it yourself, moving has become more and more popular due to the possibility of saving money and having full control. The bonuses of DIY moving are that you get to control exactly where your items go, how fast you get to your new location, when you leave, how much money you spend, and you can use all of your own vehicles or guilt your friends/family into helping.

However, the down sides to DIY moving are that you have to do everything yourself! So yes, this is both a bonus and a negative depending on your level of physical activity and organization skills.

Sometimes this option can be more expensive as well. You have to pay for all the gas in your moving vehicles and you have to take the extensive amounts of time to pack everything yourself. This option is best for those moving no more than half an hour away.


Rent a Moving Truck

This option comes in two forms. You can rent the moving truck to drive yourself, or you can rent the moving truck and someone to drive it for you. Moving trucks are basically large 16 wheeler trucks that you can practically fit your house and then some in, making it perfect for those packing up large piece of furniture.


Renting a Moving Van

Moving vans are much smaller than a moving truck, but still have enough space to transport all of the smaller items in your house. This is a great option if you are traveling long distance and don’t plan on bringing large pieces of furniture with you.


Rent a Moving Storage Unit.

This is basically a large storage unit that you attach to the back of your moving vehicle (car, truck, etc.). These storage units are fairly large and can usually hold large pieces of furniture such as a couch or bed frame/mattress. You are required to drive these units on your own.

Moving storage unitsare great for people moving just a couple of hours away.

Here at Top Movers Online Theres a team of professionals who will be glad to assist you with any questions regarding your move : Call Today: 1(718)310-3201

Good luck on your coming up move!

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Container Moving Companies

By editor

August 16, 2015


The Basics of Container Moving Companies

Sometimes, major moves often entail moving items that are too large or too fragile to be accommodated by regular moving vans and trucks, especially if we are talking about a long distance move. This calls for the use of moving containers.

Moving or portable containers are transit options that are gaining more and more popularity among people who make moves, particularly across long distances.

Here are several facts about container service and container moving companies.

  • Using containers is more convenient.

Instead of sharing van or truck space, or hiring two or more vans or trucks for a move (often resulting to more than one trip), containers are large and spacious enough to contain (no pun intended) all your belongings. You will be the sole owner of the container; no sharing with anyone else, so you don’t have to worry about your items getting mixed up with others. It will also save you on return trips.


  • Moving containers sizes

Moving containers come in different sizes, so you are sure to find one that will fit everything you own in one place. Some container moving companies offer them in 8-, 9-, or 12-foot moving containers.


Moving containers are safe and secure

Moving containers are durable and will keep your belongings safe and secure. There are moving container companies that make use of containers made of materials such as fiberglass and reinforced steel. Highly sensitive items, such as musical instruments, expensive art work, and even consumables will definitely be kept safe in these containers. There will be less damage or loss, since you will decide when and where they will be unloaded and unpacked. That is how flexible this type of service is.

  • Moving containers short-term storage

Moving containers can also be good as short-term storage units. This is especially handy when you do not need to unload and unpack everything immediately. You could simply arrange to have your items remain stored in the container for a short period of time.

Sticklers for detail and those who are very particular about the handling and care of their belongings during a move are highly encouraged to consider availing the services of container moving companies.


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International Moving Company Reviews

By editor

August 4, 2015

International Moving

How to Choose an International Moving Company? Start with International Moving Company Reviews

Taking the plunge to move is a big deal, even more so if you are moving overseas! This can be an exciting time in your life and you do not want the stress of transporting your items to get in the way of your new adventure! Take advantage of these few tips to help ease the stress and prepare for your international move starting with International Moving Company Reviews!


Find International Moving Company Reviews

The right moving company will not only be the muscle and brains of the operation, but also will comfort you and help you through this time in your life. You want an international moving company that will ease your stress and answer all of your questions.

International moving company reviews are everywhere; a simple search in Google will get you hundreds! Take advantage of these reviews and do your research to insure you are choosing the right international moving company for your job!


Stay on Track with International Moving Company Reviews

Organization can make everything so much easier. You should keep a binder that is sectioned or several folders that are labeled to keep yourself on track. Keep a folder for all of your important paper/documents, a folder that has a couple checklists in it such as for finding the proper moving company, packing checklist, and overall moving checklist.

Pack items in unique ways. Instead of spending your time folding all of those shirts, try rolling them up and rubber banding them together. This will triple your space. Also, use rubber bands to tie all electronic devise with their appropriate chargers or equipment.


International Moving Company Reviews step to minimize!

Moving overseas usually required traveling by plane. You can only take so much onto a plane without costing yourself thousands of dollars purely in baggage. To avoid that, you need to pare down what you bring with you.

When sorting through your items, start by creating three piles: keep, give away, and throw away. Once that is complete, go through your keep pile and ask yourself this question, “Does this enhance my life?” If you hesitate or say no, put in one of the other two piles. Do this process at least twice and watch your piles shrink.

International Moving Company Reviews Conclusion

Follow these three tips and avoid the stress of moving internationally. Make sure that you chose a company with impressive international moving company reviews. Also, make sure you take the time to organize, prioritize and minimize to avoid hefty airline fees!

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By editor

June 28, 2015

Choosing the Right Sized Relocube


Relocubes are basically portage storage containers that come in several different sizes and materials.

Each one can hold a certain amount of materials and is often on wheels as well. Relocubes make moving much easier because they are twice the size of boxes and are also much more sturdy. The problem with these products is that there are so many different sizes and materials that choosing the right one can be confusing! We have listed the different sizes of relocubes below along with which style is right for your move.


Relocube Materials

Relocubes come in four materials: plastic, steel, wood, and steel/aluminum. Each one can hold a different weight. The standard relocube size is 8’x7’x7’, making it capable of holding a minimum of 2,500 pounds. Here are the standard weight capacities of each material:

  • Plastic: 2,500 pounds
  • Steel: minimum of 7,000 pounds
  • Wood: 2,500 pounds
  • Steel/aluminum: 5,000 pounds


Number of Relocubes Required

The amount of relocubes needed for you move depends on the amount of items you will be taking with you. Below is a basic outline of how many relocubes you would need to purchase or rent based on different scenarios. The list represents relocubes that have 300sqft of storage space within them.

  • Moving your apartment: roughly 2 relocubes
  • Moving your 2/3 bedroom home: at least 3 relocubes
  • Moving your 3/4 bedroom home: at least 4 relocubes
  • Moving your 4/5 bedroom home: at least 5 relocubes.


The above numbers are solely related to a 300-sqft relocube. Many companies sell or rent out relocubes in varying sizes. Some companies even go as far as renting out a 16-foot relocube, which is perfect for larger items of furniture. Containers of this size can actually hold around 10,000 pounds of your household items.

These numbers may vary depending on the amount of items you are moving and how large each item is. If you have larger items that cannot fit in relocubes, consider renting a moving truck or moving van as well to assist you.

Packing Your Relocube

Packing up your relocube highly depends on what is being put in it as well as the size of your relocube.

  • Fragile items: always put down furniture padding, newspaper, or bubble wrap along the interior of the relocube to protect your items.
  • Soft items, softer items do not require as much padding, but if they are going into the wooden relocube, consider wrapping them anyway to avoid any rips from the box itself.
  • All steel relocubes are known to hold onto heat in the summer and stay freezing in the winter, so pack belongings in these items accordingly as well.
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Long Distance Movers Cost

By editor

April 7, 2015

top-movers-onlome-Long-Distance-Movers-CostComponents of Long Distance Movers Cost

So you made the move from one side of the country to the other side. It was a daunting process, but it was done, thanks largely to the long distance moving services of the moving company you hired for the job. Now it is time to pay the bills. But do you know, exactly, what you are paying for?

You have probably done your research prior to the move, choosing the moving company with moving rate that is within your budget. However, it would also be a good idea to know what you are paying for.


Let us take a look at the breakdown of the cost you paid your movers.

Long Distance Movers Labor cost

The cost for manpower could be further broken down into two: direct labor and indirect labor. Direct labor would refer to the wages and compensation of the people directly involved with the move, such as the drivers who will be driving the moving trucks and the staff who will be carrying the items to be moved.  If you avail of the moving company’s packing and unpacking services, the professionals who will work on these tasks will also fall under this category. Meanwhile, those who are indirectly involved include the support personnel who you communicated with when getting quotes or estimates and when you were working out a schedule for the move. Those who are in charge of monitoring the move, as well as in security and safety, are also included.


Long Distance Movers Cost of utilities and other overhead

Fuel and truck maintenance costs fall under this heading. There may be repairs that have to be done, or there may be modifications or alternative solutions that have to be in place in order to fully accommodate the client’s needs and specifications. Those will also be included in the calculation of the quote.


Long Distance Movers Insurance costs.

Of course, clients would want their items to be insured, especially if they are high-risk or of a sensitive nature. Many moving companies already include insurance costs to their quotes.

Other moving companies have other inclusions in the cost, but these are the primary ones.

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Best Furniture Movers

By editor

February 17, 2015

Characteristics of the Best Furniture Movers


When “shopping” for the best furniture mover, you have probably noticed how there is a clear divide between the popular ones and the rest of the pack. Some names simply crop up more than others. Have you ever wondered why this is the case?

The best way to figure that out is to look at the traits or characteristics that the top furniture movers have in common.


Here are some of Best Furniture Movers


Furniture Movers impeccable track record

These furniture moving companies get the job done, to the satisfaction of their clients. The longer they have been in the business, the higher would be the likelihood that they have already developed a certain degree of expertise, allowing them to know what works and what doesn’t, and applying them to their client’s individual cases. Of course, it is also important to see whether the companies have received a lot of complaints or negative feedback from clients in order to have a clearer view of their track record.

Furniture Movers Professionalism

  • As much as possible, they see to it that everything operates like clockwork. They come up with a schedule that is convenient for both parties – the movers and the clients – and they stick to it. In the event that they have to veer away from schedule, they have a back-up plan in place.

Furniture Movers Excellent customer relations and support.

  • There is nothing more annoying for clients than to have a hard time reaching or contacting their mover. Communication lines remain open and the moving company is ready and willing to listen to whatever the client wants, but they are also not averse to giving their two cents on what would make the process easier and less fuss-free.

Furniture Movers full service

  • They offer full service. Despite being touted as “furniture movers”, their services extend beyond simply moving furniture. They also throw in other services such as packing, labeling, storage, loading, unloading, and even unpacking.

It takes more than a good name and a long track record to propel a moving company to the top. You have to look at the overall quality of the service they provide in order to tell whether they are the best furniture mover for your needs.

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Moving Options for all Scenarios

By editor

January 26, 2015

 Different moving options require different actions

Each of us has our own journey to take and sometimes that involves moving to a new home. With each move comes different distances, different situations, and different problems. Instead of wasting time searching for the answer for your specific move, we have created a small list of moving options for the most common moving scenarios.

 3 Most common moving options

Moving Short Distances


For those of you moving no more than an hour away, we have come up with the best moving options for you.

  1. Rent a portable storage unit. If you are only moving short distances, save your money and do the work yourself. Rent a storage unit such a relocube or a moving pod.
  2. If possible, save even more money by asking friends or family to assist you in moving your items. This moving option is perfect for those moving just down the street or 15 minutes from their original house because you can make a few trips.


Moving long distance (both driving distance and plane required)


For those of you who are moving long distance, such as more than one hour away require a completely different set of options and they are listed below.

  1. If a plane is not required, consider hiring a moving company to assist you in your move. Moving companies can help you pack, drive the moving vehicle, and even help you unpack for a reasonable price.
  2. Pack fairly lightly. This goes for both driving distance and plane required moves. If you can avoid taking that old coffee table or sofa, then do it. Moving companies charge you by weight of items being moved so the lighter your load, the lower your bill.
  3. If you are moving more than 10 hours driving distance, it’s best to take a plane. When taking a plane, you should consider selling the bulk of your belongings and starting fresh in your new home. This will save you tons of money and give you a fresh start. Pack lightly for the plane as well.

 Moving International

If you are moving over seas, there isn’t much you can really do, but here are the best moving options we think you could benefit from.

  1. Sell your belongings! Clearly you aren’t going to be taking any furniture with you because that’s just not going to fit on the plane, but you can sell these items to earn some quick cash for your trip.
  2. Only bring what is absolutely necessary. The more items you bring, the higher your airline bill will be, so pack light. When sorting through your items, ask yourself if the items you chose benefit your life. If they don’t, get rid of them.

Best Moving Options for all Scenarios – Top Movers Online

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How to Compare Moving Quotes

By editor

January 14, 2015

There are several points of comparison made by prospective clients when choosing which moving company to hire for their moving needs. Many rely heavily on word of mouth or customer feedback; others would bank solely on how long a certain moving company has been in operation. There are those, however, who look at the rates of these moving companies. It is when they compare moving quotes that they are able to make that final decision.

When comparing moving quotes of several moving companies, there are a few things that must be considered.

• Distance involved.

Moving companies have different rates depending on the distance that will be travelled while transporting your belongings. Is it within the same state, or will it entail having to cross more than a few state lines?

• Duration of travel.

The length of time it will take to transport your household belongings or business facilities will also affect the moving quotes.

• Type of moving equipment or facilities used.

This pertains to the tools that will be used by the moving company to make the move. If you have relatively large items that must be moved, it is more than likely that you will need bigger trucks. Of course, this would also affect the cost of moving.

• Nature of items to be moved.

Are they fragile items? Do they need special care or are there special instructions that the movers should adhere to throughout the move? Examples include transporting antiques and art pieces. In these instances, it is probable that moving quotes would be higher.

• Special circumstances.

The quotes of moving companies will also be influenced by certain circumstances or conditions. Are you in a hurry to move? Are you on a tight deadline and must be at your new place at a specified date and time? Do you also require storage services since your new place would not have enough space for everything? These will also be taken into account when calculating the estimated moving costs you will have to pay for.
Many moving companies now simplify the process of comparison by having utilities or tools on their respective websites where you can simply input several pieces of information and they will automatically calculate for you. You can make use of these tools to simplify the process further and cut down on the time it usually takes to make the comparison.


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Tax Deductible Moving Expenses

By editor

January 8, 2015


Tax-deductible moving expenses apply only to those who are required to move to their job

This process is done by attached a moving expenses form to your tax claim in order to have those expenses taken care of. Below are the expenses that can be deducted, which one’s cannot be deducted, and which moving costs can be deducted.


Criteria for Tax Moving Expenses Deductible

There are three pieces of criteria that have to be met in order to qualify for a moving expense tax deduction
They are:

  • You must be moving due to a change in work location and be close to the start of work. This means that you must begin working again within one year of moving.
  • You are required to pass the IRS distance test. This test requires your new job to be locat
    ed a minimum of 50 miles from your previous job location.
  • You are required to pass the IRS time test. This test requires you t work as a full time employee for at least 39 weeks within the first year.

Tax Moving Expenses that cannot be deducted

There are a few items that you are not allowed to deduct from your taxes.
They include:

  • You are not allowed to deduct the cost from opting out of an old lease or starting a new one.
  • You are not allowed to deduct the cost of car titles or receiving a new driver’s license.
  • You are not allowed to deduct the cost of selling your house. This includes closing costs, property taxes and other common expenses.
  • You are not allowed to deduct the cost of decorating your old home or new home.


Which Tax Moving Costs can be deducted?

There are two categories of moving expenses items that can be deducted from your taxes.

  • Travel expenses to your new home can be deducted. This includes the cost of getting you and your family from point A to point B.
  • Expenses for transporting your items to your new home can be deducted. This includes expenses for 30 days of storage, as well as the packing and shipping of your belongings.
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