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Find Movers online Stress-Free

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Find Movers online

How to reduce moving stress? Find movers online!

So you’re moving to a new place and starting to feel the pressure?
Moving is always complex and accompanied with strong emotions and stress as well as physical difficulties, like planning the move, arranging it, and packing your home.

Find Movers online

Good moving service for stress less move

Picking the right moving service for your move necessities, therefore, is a key factor that will make your move a lot easier and help you stress less; on the other hand, choose wrong and your move can be a long nightmare.

Moving is already complicated enough; don’t add more trouble to it by choosing the wrong mover. You can read those horror moving stories and bad reviews all over the web, so make sure you don’t end up writing one yourself!

Find Movers online

How to Find Movers Online?

1. Dedicate the time needed to plan your move.

The more time you spend on thinking, researching, planning and organizing the move down to the smallest details, the less time you will spend on breakdowns and unexpected disasters. What do I mean by disaster? A short example: your TV needs to be protected with a special cradle or should be safely packed in its original box. If you don’t plan ahead and buy a cradle yourself, either the movers will pack it for you, charging you much more money for that or worse – if you picked the wrong movers, they will throw your TV unprotected at the back of the truck, and it will become damaged.

2. Made your moving plan? Good! Now decide which moving service you will require.

From a full service move to moving it yourself, you have many options: a moving company, truck rental company, a u pack we move company, or that old friend with a truck – it’s your choice. Moving to college with a duffle bag and three boxes is nothing like relocating your family cross-country. Every move is different and requires a different service. There are times that there’s a gap between moving out of your old home and moving in to your new one, we movers call it a “split move.” You will probably require a storage unit for that gap. In that case, if you find movers with storage services, you will probably get the storage complementary. That will give you the time needed for settling down at your new place and finding a job.

3. Get free moving quotes!

If you know what moving service you require now, it’s time to find your movers.

  1. Get more than one quote, it is usually free, and some companies will come over to your home and make an indoor estimate. So don’t worry about it – get as much moving quotes as you need.
  2. Pick 3-5 of the best companies for your moving needs. Remember that the price they quote you is not the only factor. Many times they will try to “fish” you with a low quote, but on day of the move, they will change the rate in addition to other fees. A respected company will give you a binding rate on the estimate.
  3. Check if the company is registered and licensed! Check if it’s bonded and what insurance they provide.  Then check the reviews at sites like BBB, Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook, and Google Reviews. Take in to account that on some of the review websites, you can pay money to get a better look. And remember that a hard working company will always have bad reviews as moving is a stressful and emotionally traumatic time for people. So check the ratio of bad reviews vs. good ones and look at how the moving companies have solved the problems in these complaints.

That’s it!

Now that you have planned your move, found out which moving service is best for your needs in addition to the right movers, it is time to start packing! For useful packing tips, visit our blog or contact us for advice. We will be happy to help you! Good luck on your move!

Find Movers online


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