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How Do You Find Quality and Affordable Auto Transport Services?

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Auto Transport Services

On average, every American will move between 11 to 12 times in one lifetime.

Auto Transport Services

Moving is a chance for new beginnings and sometimes a chance to take a break from the never-ending grind we experience in this day and age. But what about your car? We are here to ease your worries. Although it seems like your options are limited when it comes to car transportation, you actually have a lot more options that you would think. We will discuss various auto transport services and solutions, including using an auto carrier, using an auto transport broker, and things to know if you drive the car yourself.

Using an auto carrier:

Auto carriers are companies that use special car carrier trucks to move your car from one point to another. They will usually offer the open truck option, which will be the least expensive way of moving your car over a long distance to your new location. Some, however, will also offer to use a closed truck carry, which will be more costly but will also protect the vehicle better.

Auto Transport Services

The price for the auto transport service is usually determined by the number of miles the car will need to cross and some other factors, such as size, model, value, year of manufacture and whether if the car can be driven onto the truck or can only be towed.

The reason why the price can change is not always clear to us as customers, but from the auto carrier point of view, there are a lot of additional expenses, such as insurance, labor and risk. Very often, the truck that picks up your car from your home will not be the one to actually deliver the car. In fact, the car might be carried by more than one truck as the trucks will carry the car to central hubs, and, from there, another truck will pick it up and continue the journey. It all depends on the traveling distance and if the destination is a central location like a big city or a distant town, which will probably make the trip longer and the price higher.

Make sure you compare prices but don’t be tempted to go with an unlicensed or uninsured carrier. It’s your responsibility to check and make sure that you are using a qualified auto transport company and although it might be tempting to save some money, don’t take that risk.

Using an auto transport broker:

The auto transport services brokers are a mixed bag. They are firms who do not own any trucks and do not have the license to carry vehicles. What they do have, though, is the license to sell you an auto transport contract and then give this contract to the auto carrier of their choice for a certain commission.

The advantage in working with an auto transport broker is that these firms have connections with many companies and will usually be able to get your car from origin to destination within a minimal amount of time as they have many companies to choose from, and they often can combine the efforts of two companies or more in order to get your car to your new location quickly.

The brokers also sell the contract for a much lower price then you will ever receive. The only problem, though, is the broker’s commission. Unfortunately they don’t work for free, and their commission will usually bounce the price back to the market rate and sometimes even more than that.

It’s important to mention that unlike moving brokers that have managed to obtain bad reputation throughout years of shady practices, auto transport brokers are usually trustworthy and their prices should not change as long as the information they received was accurate.

Driving your car to your destination:

There is always the temptation of taking a long road trip along the beautiful roads of the US. It can be the trip of a lifetime, just as long as you want to do it and have the time for it. Because if not, it could be Hell on Wheels and it can ultimately be very costly, stressful, and sometimes even dangerous.

But let’s say you have the time and always wanted to go for a long road trip to see the countryside.

Auto Transport Services: Here are the expenses you should take into account when :

  1. Preparations.
    Your car must go through a thorough check and should be in tip top condition. Getting stuck on the road is not only unpleasant; it is also very expensive as some people make their living of charging you extra in your time of need.
  2. Gas.
    Calculate the actual distance you are going to drive. You can use one of the online navigation web sites to get the information, and based on your car’s fuel consumption calculate how much money you need to have for the trip. Don’t be tempted to underestimate, it is what it is!
  3. Accommodations.
    Try to plan your trip in a way that you will find a hotel or motel by the end of each day. It is not safe to drive tired and sleeping in a car will not give you the energy you need to continue to the next day of driving, especially if you are planning to have company.

Moreover, it is recommended to reserve a room in advance or at least to call and make sure you will not find the place fully booked on your arrival.

If you’re planning a move, taking the time to consider which auto transport service works best for you can make the move as seamless as possible.

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