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Furniture Moving Guide



Too Heavy to Lift? Drag It!
Every year, many people hurt their back lifting heavy items like furniture while moving. To make sure this doesn’t happen, it’s better to drag your furniture. But not how you think! To drag it smoothly, safely and effortlessly across your floor, you need one of two things:

  • Furniture Sliders: These are great for moving furniture across hardwood, linoleum and tile floors. They’re low-priced, available at many home improvement stores and save you a great deal of energy while moving. What’s even better is that they prevent hard surfaces from getting scratched and nicked.
  • Aluminum Foil: Unlike furniture sliders, aluminum foil works best for sliding furniture across carpet. For aluminum foil to work, all you have to do is put a sheet of it at the bottom of each furniture leg. This is a cheap moving supply that makes moving easier by reducing friction and the amount of strain on your back.

Put Wheels Underneath Your Furniture
Furniture sliders and aluminum foil work the majority of the time; however, they aren’t entirely practical unless you’re moving across a large open space. There are other tools called dollies that offer better grip, more control and faster moving for heavy pieces of furniture. Some different options include:

  • 2-wheel dollies: These remove the need for any lifting at all. If your furniture has flat surfaces (standard couches, love seats, etc.), all you have to do is slide the dolly’s lip underneath a flat section and pull backwards. You may have to twist furniture to position it correctly on the dolly, but your days of lifting heavy furniture are over.
  • 4-wheel dollies: Unlike 2-wheelers, these require you to lift your furniture slightly off the ground. However, when you get your furniture mounted, it strolls smoothly across hard surfaces. It’s not ideal for carpeted floors, but these dollies work great on pavement and other smooth surfaces.

Divide Furniture Into Sections and Wrap
This tip only applies to furniture that’s built from sections. For instance, if you have a sectional and it has more than one piece, take it apart! If you have a bed that has many different components, separate it!

For cloth- and leather-covered furniture, there’s no need to wrap it with packing supplies. However, if you have wood furniture like a bed frame, buy bubble wrap or a different high quality packaging wrap.

Dividing your furniture into sections is well worth the time you spend taking it apart and putting it back together. Your furniture receives less damage and you rest easier knowing your furniture is snug and secure in the moving truck.

More Furniture Moving Tips

  • Position couches and lounge chairs at an angle when moving through narrow spaces and doors
  • When carrying down stairs, have person on bottom hold furniture higher overhead
  • Use moving blankets to slide heavy furniture across grass and up stairs and for general scratch protection
  • Use your legs when lifting – NOT your back
  • Clean furniture after you move – NOT before you move
  • When disassembling furniture, put nuts and bolts in a plastic bag and tape to furniture’s body.
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