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Moving FAQs by Top movers online

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Moving Faqs

We here at Top Movers Online understand just how stressful and chaotic a move can be.

We have compiled a few frequently asked questions to assist you in organizing and planning your next move.

moving faqs

Moving Faqs

  1. What is the difference between a Broker and a Mover?

  • A broker is definitely not a mover. Moving brokers are individuals that book your move and sell it to a real moving company. They do not have moving trucks, professional movers or proper moving equipment.

Often times the broker is not able to sell the job for a lot of different reasons; in this case you can get stuck without a mover on the day of your move.

When you book your move make sure to ask the company that conducts the move whether they are an actual moving company or a broker.

  1. Do I need an estimate?

  • A relocation consultant will make an item list of your household goods to be transported. An item list is needed to determine the approximate cost of a move and the amount of truck space your things will take. Your relocation consultant will calculate the approximate cost according to a DOT regulated system and give you a written Estimate for Service.Keep in mind that estimates are only guidelines. On long distance moves, you must pay the total amount as determined by the actual size of your delivery, the rate, and the services that you previously authorized.
  1. What is a binding estimate?

  • The very best option of all estimates is the binding estimate. This means that if the actual amount of cubic feet of your shipment is more than the written estimate, you still pay according to the quoted rate; however, if the actual amount of cubic feet is less than the written estimate, you pay the lesser amount.
  1. Can I move my house plants and my pet?

  • We cannot accept responsibility for safely moving your plants, you may prefer to transport your house plants in the family car or ship them by plane.
    Some states prohibit the entry of all plants, while other states will admit plants under certain conditions; still others have no plant regulations. Be sure to check the regulations of the state to which you’re moving.

Pets cannot be carried on the moving truck. Dogs, cats, canaries and parakeets can usually be transported in the family car.

Did we answer your moving questions through our moving faqs? If not, feel free to contact us about any more moving questions you might have.



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