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Moving to Northern Virginia

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Northern VirginiaMoving to Northern Virginia

Each time I embark on a move there is a type of zen mode I slip into, I like to think of it as my super power. (You’re right it’s kind of a lame one).  And nowhere did I need that zen then when I moved to Northern Virginia.

Originally, I was thinking I may just call this tips for moving to Washington, DC, and include Northern Virginia, (NOVA, is what the locals call it, so you can blend in of course), in the bunch but this area is wholly unique in every way it can be. Northern Virginia is saturated with high-energy ladder climbers, company conglomerates, government workers and all sorts of important transients. Northern Virginia moves have become a bit of a science and having moved to and within the area, let me give you some tips.


Moving to Northern Virginia – schedule your move-in time mid- afternoon

Northern Virginia traffic will make you feel anger you never thought possible. A 10-mile commute will take you an hour and to predict the time you will be at any location is a science based on weather, distance, wind direction, government events and the status of the Cherry Blossoms. Regardless, if you are working with a moving company or renting a truck and doing it yourself- the aim is always to have as little time on the clock as possible. While there is never any predictability about traffic there is from 2-4:00 PM an assured lull in traffic between lunch and quitting time. This will save everyone a lot of headache and money.


 Rent your storage containers outside of town

There’s a reason that people consider this area of the country to be the most expensive, because it is. The price tag for a storage unit in the Northern Virginia area will run you 3x more than the same unit half an hour away in Central Virginia. If it’s in storage I think we can go ahead and assume that you won’t need it to be at the tip of your fingers.


 Check out a Northern Virginia moving company’s references 

Okay, this seems like a pretty obvious one- but keep with me.  As I mentioned the government and many large corporations have main offices in the area that attract a lot of employee movement. If you are moving for a job with a new company make sure you ask your employer if there is a relocation service they use. More often then not you can get special rate discounts. If that’s not the case you can also find the listing of companies or government agencies that utilize a particular company as a good indicator for their quality of service.


Northern Virginia is a tough place to live, and you have my full respect and admiration for your move there. It’s a fast paced environment and moving will require a good amount of planning, make sure you do as much research as possible. Do not be afraid to use your existing connections in the area and above all, keep a cool composure.

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