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Self Packing Materials

We have a wide variety of packing materials to meet your budget and moving needs. Whether you’re moving across the country, to a bordering state, or just across town, it’s important to securely package your belongings. This means taking the time to package small items together in boxes and wrap packaging material around furniture and other items prone to scratches and nicks. In order to do this, you need packing materials that are durable and easy to handle.

In addition to having materials that are strong and lightweight, you also need materials of high value. This means you get more for what you pay. For instance, when need heavy duty supplies; you shouldn’t have to pay a “heavy duty” price. As a passionate team of packing and moving specialists, we dedicate our full efforts to getting you the best moving supplies at the best price. Below are some of the supplies we provide.

Cardboard Boxes

Various types of cardboard boxes are available for different purposes. Thanks to modern packaging design, there’s a cardboard solution for every small- to medium-sized item. This affords you convenience while packing and makes moving easier. Different kinds of cardboard boxes include:

  • Mirror/picture boxes
  • Cardboard wardrobes
  • Kitchen boxes
  • Electronic boxes designed for specific devices

Protective Padding

Padding is what keeps your items from getting damaged during transit. When packing boxes, you use padding to secure items and make packaging tight. This way, the item(s) in the box don’t move and are kept from damage. Different kinds of padding include:

  • Packing peanuts
  • Enviro-Bubble boxes and rolls
  • Cushion foam sleeves and pouches

Tapes and Wraps

Once you have your boxes wrapped, you need to close them up with strong tape. Also, for items you can’t put in a box like furniture, appliances and other large items, you need to protect them with a flexible wrapper. Different solutions include:

  • Tape dispensers
  • Duct tape, clear shipping tape and paper tape
  • Plastic wrap for shipping

If you’re interested in having a professional moving company pack your belongings, learn about our packing services.


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