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Choosing the Right Sized Relocube


Relocubes are basically portage storage containers that come in several different sizes and materials.

Each one can hold a certain amount of materials and is often on wheels as well. Relocubes make moving much easier because they are twice the size of boxes and are also much more sturdy. The problem with these products is that there are so many different sizes and materials that choosing the right one can be confusing! We have listed the different sizes of relocubes below along with which style is right for your move.


Relocube Materials

Relocubes come in four materials: plastic, steel, wood, and steel/aluminum. Each one can hold a different weight. The standard relocube size is 8’x7’x7’, making it capable of holding a minimum of 2,500 pounds. Here are the standard weight capacities of each material:

  • Plastic: 2,500 pounds
  • Steel: minimum of 7,000 pounds
  • Wood: 2,500 pounds
  • Steel/aluminum: 5,000 pounds


Number of Relocubes Required

The amount of relocubes needed for you move depends on the amount of items you will be taking with you. Below is a basic outline of how many relocubes you would need to purchase or rent based on different scenarios. The list represents relocubes that have 300sqft of storage space within them.

  • Moving your apartment: roughly 2 relocubes
  • Moving your 2/3 bedroom home: at least 3 relocubes
  • Moving your 3/4 bedroom home: at least 4 relocubes
  • Moving your 4/5 bedroom home: at least 5 relocubes.


The above numbers are solely related to a 300-sqft relocube. Many companies sell or rent out relocubes in varying sizes. Some companies even go as far as renting out a 16-foot relocube, which is perfect for larger items of furniture. Containers of this size can actually hold around 10,000 pounds of your household items.

These numbers may vary depending on the amount of items you are moving and how large each item is. If you have larger items that cannot fit in relocubes, consider renting a moving truck or moving van as well to assist you.

Packing Your Relocube

Packing up your relocube highly depends on what is being put in it as well as the size of your relocube.

  • Fragile items: always put down furniture padding, newspaper, or bubble wrap along the interior of the relocube to protect your items.
  • Soft items, softer items do not require as much padding, but if they are going into the wooden relocube, consider wrapping them anyway to avoid any rips from the box itself.
  • All steel relocubes are known to hold onto heat in the summer and stay freezing in the winter, so pack belongings in these items accordingly as well.
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