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What To Take To University?

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What to take to University

So you are off to university and are wondering how to take everything that you want to?

The key to moving out of home is to realize that you are not leaving forever. You don’t have to move everything at one go, since you will be coming home in the subsequent holidays. Also your dorm room may not be as big as your bedroom, so don’t rush to shift all your stuff which you can’t fit in there. The first step to moving sensibly is making a moving checklist that contains only the essential items that you can’t do without. If there is anything that you can buy at the university or order online, do not carry with you. Depending on how much you are carrying, arrange for transport. If you do not have a car or are transporting your stuff over a long distance, you might want to hire a man and a van or a small removals service.

Of course there are some obvious items that you would carry with you such as clothes and books, but there could be some things that you overlook to take with you but could need in the first few weeks at university. Below is a checklist to tick against.


Important documents

Apart from your university acceptance letter and accommodation contracts, you need to carry your passport and a bunch of passport size photographs to use for societies or other administrative stuff. If you have a bank account in the country, you might want to carry your bank card, chequebook and other details as well. For posterity’s sake, you should have all the student loan documents with you, at least during the first year. Other documents you might require are your National Insurance number, school and other exam certificates, NHS number, insurance documents etc.


Electrical appliances

It goes without say that you will be carrying your laptop or computer and mobile phone with you, unless you intend to get a new one at school. A printer and a memory stick would be immensely useful too. Apart from this you could also carry a camera, a small TV, game consoles and speakers depending on how you like to entertain yourself. Besides packing the chargers for all the devices, remember to add a head and a multi-socket extension cable along with it.


Kitchen essentials

Whether you are moving into a dorm or a flatshare, you will probably end up with multiples of the same item. So don’t take anything that is too bulky, fragile or expensive. If you need it you can always buy it in the nearby superstore. Basic essentials would include a sauce pan, a cutlery set, a bunch of knives, scissors, tongs, glasses and mugs, plates, bowls, Tupperware. If you are a regular caffeine addict, you might want to buy a coffee maker if you don’t do instant coffee. A recipe book might also be handy, if you are not used to cooking up your own meals.



Carry a pair of bedsheets and pillow covers to use for the first few months. If you don’t want to move heavy things, you can buy the duvet and pillows later at the university. A mattress protector goes a long way in protection from spills. More importantly, bring an alarm clock (if you don’t wake up to the one on your mobile), hangers, laundry basket, a room spray and a few photos of friends and family.



Although this will mostly depend on your personal hygiene and habits, the basic essentials include towels, personal medication and supplies, a single toilet roll, a disinfectant solution and your toiletries in a washbag.

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